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Personalisation at scale

Helping clients navigate their financial futures is complex. Big data, technology and unprecedented access to information and products can be difficult to harness in a way that supports you in guiding your clients to reach their financial goals.

Critical to future success in planning for client’s futures is to place their goals and aspirations front and centre of any modelling or planning process.

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Beyond the numbers

Our cloud-based, Goals Based Advice Platform (GBA) makes it easier than ever for investors to benefit from institutional grade stochastic modelling.

We've taken decades of experience working with large-scale financial institutions, building models to help manage risk in their balance sheets and and applied it to people, to their family units.

The GBA Platform allows business to start a planning process at the point of understanding a client's goals and how likely they will achieve them given the myriad of possible future scenarios. 

Equally, the client can see the interconnectedness between their goals and prioritise their aspirations. Revisiting and re-modelling both the likelihood of achieving each goal and their relative priority to others in real time, is a giant step forward from the current state of planning and client engagement.

To explore more about how we approach retirement savings from a data-driven perspective, read some of our articles.

How Milliman can help

Milliman’s consultative approach to developing software engagement and financial advice tools that are tailored to your company’s and clients’ needs.

Such solutions range from simple projections to highly sophisticated stochastic models.

We work with you to provide robust technology and algorithmic solutions that can integrate, via customised APIs, to your platform. A centrally managed modelling engine built for your business can power omni-channel applications including:

  • Regular customer statements and projections
  • Online engagement tools
  • Single use or holistic financial advice tools
  • Automated / robo-advice tools
  • Input to marketing collateral and power marketing campaigns
  • Internal strategic analysis and positioning

Milliman can provide a virtually unlimited range of modelling solutions – leaving you free to focus on your customer’s experience.

Find the right solution

While the challenges facing the advice market are common, each practice’s approach varies depending on the business’s goals, client base and value proposition. Milliman’s consultants can provide experience and technical skills-based insights to guide you in selecting the most appropriate solution

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