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We are in unchartered waters as a nation. Never before have we faced such a large number of workers retiring.

Coupled with that, Australians have had to take control of their own retirement savings and plan for a retirement that stretches over decades thanks to increases in life expectancies.

Australian's changing landscape

This shift in demographics coupled with retirees high aversion to risk means the old models no longer work.

To help their clients chart these unprecedented challenges, financial advisers need real data, actionable insights and retirement savings tools.

Milliman, as a retirement solutions expert, is focused on providing advisers the support they need to plan and deliver better financial futures for Australians.

Analysis, Reports & Consulting

Analysis, Reports & Consulting

Each quarter, Milliman uses its actuarial expertise to analyse actual spending data of 300,000-plus Australian retirees revealing detailed spending breakdowns of Australians across age, geographic location, and discretionary versus essential spending.

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Working to the specific needs of your business and your advisers, Milliman develops sophisticated modelling software solutions which allow your clients to see the likelihood of achieving any financial goal.

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For advisers looking for investment products that manage long-term savings’ risk, Milliman has developed investment solutions which help cushion the impact of significant equity market falls while allowing participation in equity market rises.

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In our partners' words

colonial first state“After spending the last 20 years working with the largest global institutions, we are thrilled to have partnered with Milliman to bring their capability to the advice market. Their understanding of retiree behaviour through big data analytics, goals based advice analysis and institutional grade risk management overlays makes them a compelling offer to advisers looking for robust retirement solutions for their clients.” – Colonial First State.

Innova“Following the financial crisis, and with increasing numbers of our clients approaching retirement, we decided that risk management is a vital consideration for investment portfolios. With Milliman, we were able to deliver one of the world’s largest and most experienced risk management capabilities directly to our advisers giving them a broader range of investment tools to help meet client needs.” – Innova

betashares“When considering the best way to manage risk for our Betashares Managed Risk Series, we sought a viable risk management strategy which can be in effect at all times, and which comes at a lower cost than purchasing put options. That’s why we chose Milliman.” - BetaShares

Our latest thinking

Milliman regularly publishes thought-provoking articles on the changing needs of Australian retirees and how advisers can help their clients manage the financial risks of retirement savings. Our articles are based on real-world data and global expertise in risk management to provide actionable insights that help advisers meet their client’s challenges today and into the future.

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